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Educating The Mundanes

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A member of another forum that I belong to posted a question about a neighbor's Christmas display. The person was concerned about the number of blow molds that the neighbor had. They were concerned that it was a fire hazard.

Here is the reply I posted:

It probably isn't a fire hazard. To run a display that big, you can't wire it haphazardly. If you do it Griswold style, you'll be tripping breakers. Also, when you invest that much money, you don't want to put your investment at risk.

I would suggest you go down to the house and ask about the display. Most of us like to brag. Ask how he/she lights it all up without blowing the electrical system. Could be a good education.

Stop by Planet Christmas to learn more.

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Nice work. Explaining and showing is a lot better than lecturing and talking down.

You may have made another decorator.

Not being pessimistic here, or maybe a bit of a devils advocate.... But when you "frame" or approach it from that angle, the person can still have a negative reaction.  Depending on how their original disposition is toward the subject, it may not matter what way you approach them, the person will have an opinion.  But, I will say that when you approach from the offensives side, it goes a long way in that person's overall impression of you.  Just a bit of psychology that I've been studying in college putting to use.


Good work Cory!

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