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Menards Selection 15 Years Ago


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I guess the art department of Menards is now in the unemployment line..............just saying........

Yeah, no kidding. I stopped getting the newspaper years ago and i dont remember seeing ads for blowmolds like that even then. Menards still sells them, but as far as im aware they just dont put them in thier ads anymore.

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Gotta say that someone who has worked for Menard, Inc. (dba Menards) 1995-2001 and 2003-present, these are a trip down memory lane.  Some things were still around (or back) this year.  Others I don't recall seeing for longer than one or two seasons.  


The lamp posts and candles reappeared last year.  The Nativity Scene has not had halos since at least 2007 (the 1996 version did not either as that is when I bought mine)  .  The 34" angel has not been since since 1997 (though I remember kicking myself when I saw it in store as I had paid much more than that at Bronners a few months prior)

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Here is a picture of my display from 2007.  Out of frame to the right was where the shepherd and his flock of two sheep were located.  This was how the setup was 2000-2009.   


Changes besides location since this photo was taken;

-A homemade stable is now used.   I have photos somewhere documenting its construction.

-The 36 inch wireframe star in this photo is not currently in service.  (a 12 inch wooden star which my dad made many years ago is being used).

-The angel was damaged during my post-divorce move to where it was not salvageable.   It has not yet been replaced.



Of everything in this picture, only the angel was not purchase from the store.  



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