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2012 Lipton Lights - Videos Posted

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Been a while since I've been as active on this forum as I'd like. It's been a wild year trying to prepare for the show this year. I've posted videos in the past, so I thought I'd pass along this year's show vids.

The quality isn't perfect as the RGB nodes are just so bright it's hard to capture accurate color information without a fixed aperture camera. At the time, I don't have that available to me.


Hope you all are off to a wonderful lighting season!!

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The O Holy Night is by Becoming the Archetype? I probably listen to music for 20 hours each spring to find about 20-30 potential songs. I put a lot into finding music that appeals to a wide range of people. I probably don't always nail it perfectly, however, I do make it a point to talk to lots of visitors. This is probably the first year where I've received compliments equally from young and old.

I run an after hours show with very slow selections. The lights BARELY fade just to give them "life". I use Jessie Kol's Away in a manger and Mannheim's stille nacht. I saw all my neighbors kept theirs lights on till 3-4 AM, so I do the same with my after hours show.

I'm always surprised who comes by to watch the after hours show. I've seen cops on patrol stop briefly, families who get out of their car and sit quietly on the sidewalk in front of the house, and other random visitors.

It seems like the mix this year reaches all audiences, whether Christmas has any spiritual meaning to them or not. For me, I think that's part of the challenge I enjoy each year- reaching the unreachable.

Thank you for the compliments!


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