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Can Anyone Help Me Id My Santa?


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Shannie, your Santa was made by TPI Plastics of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. He was introduced as "New" in 1991 and was their 32" catalog #4835 Santa, they made him in those colors with the white mittens for three years, the last year being 1993. Staring in 1992 they called him "Adorable Santa" and he had that name up until they closed their doors in January 2005. Starting in 1994 he had black mittens and was made in those colors until TPI closed. In the later years of production (1999?) they started making him with a more translucent plastic instead of the solid white like yours. I do think that your color version is a very seldom seen piece and you are fortunate to have him for your display, we do not have that one in our collection yet.

The one with the the translucent plastic and black mittens is shown on Blow-Molded.com and it would be great if you could take a good picture of yours showing him complete, the picture you posted has part of the base hidden, that could be added to Blow-Molded.com this winter when Kev gets time to do the update. You would be given credit for the picture.




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Thanks so much Mel! I was skimming through the site looking for santas with white gloves, so I didn't even notice the "Adorable Santa".

I would be more than happy to submit a good pic. My husband is a photographer and he said he could help me out with that. Where do I send the pic?

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