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2012 Display

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This is the first year I have gone entirely with blowmolds. I was hoping for 250, but I stopped with around 200 - I started to have some power issues (next year I'll have to go to LED/CFL/etc. or add some more circuits). I "borrowed" some ideas from other members on here - hope they don't mind! I don't know who first had the idea of "grouping" molds together for certain scenes, but it is a great way to organize a display. The signs are just simple coroplast - next year I hope to have illuminated signs.

overall view:

flying santa and reindeer (got a lot of good comments on this):


my patriotic scene:

reindeer training scene ("borrowed" this idea):

snowmen ("borrowed" the reunion idea):

the choir:

nativity - It got a little bit bigger this year, check out the cat on the left of Mary, the two geese beside the inn, and the hard to see duck on the left side of the stable:

inn and innkeeper:

Disney's & Warner Bros's molds on front porch for safety:

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Guest Blowmold Magic

I love your display! I am a big fan of grouping blowmolds into scenes, it's a great way to use more and not look like a mess. My friend Matilda an old member here is the Queen of grouping blowmolds together into scenes. I love your Nativity set up especially the Inn, that is a great idea! Also flattered that you used my reindeer training scene, however the idea was given to me by another member, nice to see you putting your twist on things! Very nicely done!

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Blowmold Magic:

After seeing your display last year, I had lots of ideas. The original plan I had was for the "reindeer training" to be "reindeer flight school" with a set of chasing runway lights, but I just ran out of time (maybe next year). I also planned on having a "candy shop", but the playhouse blocked out too much of the view, so I just used it as the inn. I wish the picture showed the innkeeper a little better - he is holding a brass lantern I found and wired up with a bulb.


I've actually had cars stop and say they liked the flag scene. You can't tell it from the picture, but the Uncle Sams are not holding US flags - they are holding an Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard, and Virginia flags.

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