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My 2012 Gingerbread Display- Plywood/foam

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That's really sweet y'all. The snow is the only thing I had to buy, I had everything laying around.

You will find the snow at Walmart it's $2.50 a bag and it took 2 bags.

I tried gluing one, ,spray adhesive, silicone and paint, I found while the paint was fresh and wet, smashing it into the wet paint

Has held up to the hard rain and wind we've gotten.

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You said the Gingerbread figures are made out of 2" white foam. (actly what do you mean with the foam beeds). Just wanted to know how tall are the Gingerbread men.  how did you get the outline....did you freehand the men.  Is the paint waterproof or is it regular craft paint.....did you have to spray it with a weather proof coating. Anf finally did you use paint for the white trim on the gingerbreads.  I definately would like to make these. 

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Derek durkac,

Ok I hope I can remember all the questions.

1) The white foam..there is a pic above my post (y'all see the white and blue foam)

2) I just free handed them, larger ones for me, hubby, and oldest grandson. Smaller ones for the 3 middle grandkids and small one for my 6 month old grandson that's on the slide.

3) I but paint in gal, qt, or what ever I can get at lowes all year. You can't beat getting a $40. Gal of paint for $5.00 a lot of them even have primer in them, but I use any as long as its the right color....my gingerbread people are a little dark (my family says I burnt them) because my front yard is so big I have to paint alittle darker so the can see them good.

4) no water proofing, I use PVC , and cpvc pipes and gorilla glued them to the back

5) I found on here everybody uses expand foam for all the icing.....that's too hard, hard to paint and messy. I got every tube of white and clear silicone caulk Lowe' s had (at a dollar each discount) which I was going to use around house. And it is perfect no painting and you can wiggle it as your putting it on to look like frosting I hope this helped. This was my fist attempted at this, then I found out that it looked really good..post-8409-0-69952100-1356723853_thumb.jppost-8409-0-47259700-1356723938_thumb.jp

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