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2013 Florida Mini Annoucement

michael b

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Sorry to hear about your cat. I know from experience how hard it is when a family pet is suffering. Take care and thanks for letting me know.

Thanks Mike, we definitely won't be there.  We finally had to make that very difficult and hard, heart breaking decision to put Timone; our 18.5 year old cat to sleep today; Wed. 3/13/2013 at 13:30 hours he was gone from this world.


Found out he had some other serious issues, and the new vet we took him to tried so hard for a couple of days to bring him back, it just wasn't to be.  Found out Timone had Heart Cancer and some other issues that just couldn't be corrected.


So I can say we definitely won't be there..


Orville & Marcia

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One more day until the Friday night dinner. We are having dinner at:
Celebration Town Tavern 721 Front St Celebration, FL 34747 (407) 566-2526
Date: March 22nd
Time: 7:00 pm
Cost: We will each go and buy our own dinner.
Website: www.thecelebrationtowntavern.com
If you want to go just meet us there. Right now 6-10 will be there.

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Items For Sale


I am coming to the Mini and bringing a carfull of goodies.  I have recently moved and will have to start over on my display so I am offering some of my surplus.  Please look for me in Celebration.  ED



Item     Price   Qty Lights             Green, 100 ct   $1.00   4   Green, 70 ct   $1.00   4   Green, 140   $1.00   1   Gold,70   $1.00   2   Multi Colored Minis/140ct   $1.00   2   Multi Colored Minis/200ct   $1.00   6   Multi Colored Minis/100ct   $1.00   3   Clear, 100ct   $1.00   4   Clear, 105ct GE Proline   $1.00   1   Rope Light, Green, 100'   $0.50   100'   LED 5050 SMD Ribbon   $15.00   1 WireFrame             Merry Christmas   $5.00   1   JOY   $5.00   1   Dolphins   $25.00   3             Xmtr FM Transmitter   $20.00   1             Enclosures Hoffman, 16X14X10, used   $20.00   5   Rittal, 12X10X6   $70.00   1   Junction   $5.00   2             Clips     $1.00   3             SHowTime LOR1602MP3 player   $25.00   1             Power Supply            
Rosewill Power Supply RG700-S12 700W Continuous 80 PLUS ceritified Corsair CX600
  $20.00   1   2N2 Power supply   $10.00   2             Cards Christmas Lighted Palms   $1.00   1             CDs Christmas Music   $1.00   12
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mike we had a major prob. with my wifes dog not good.... I cannot make it  this is important to her as are my lights but if I have to choose its her dog. peace in the family


Totally understand. I have a dog and she is like another daughter to me. I pray she recovers soon.

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Calvin and Michael,


Thanks for hosting and coordinating today’s event along with all of the other presenters.  Great to see everyone that shares the same passion.


Looking forward to next years event.



Had a great time. Thanks to everyone for coming.

Big Thanks to Michael & Patti and all the presenters!!

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Michael, Thanks for hosting this event. This was my first and not my last. It was neat to actually see the people who enjoy this hobby. Pete


You are welcome! My favorite part of the Mini was seeing all the talking going on and sharing of ideas. It was a lot of fun.

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