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Lead Me To Your Lights!


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OK Guys and Gals..  due to some really heavy duty work projects..  im not going to be able to have my christmas party at home..  (no way to plan, clean, cook,bake, deck the inside in such short time when I arrive home thursday night) so im hopping in the car and going to Drive..  I love a good road trip..  starting out likely friday or saturday... 


NOW..  I want to hit as many Cool christmas displays as I can..  because i no longer have a Jeep  i cant do the northern snowy climates like I want to..  so in a Honda Civic  im headed SOUTH.. ive never spent christmas in the deep south or florida before..  so lead me along..  send me your addresses  and I'll plot the routes and come see your light show and smile :)..  of course I LOVE animated displays..  but if you have an over-the top static display im IN for that too!!..  and if any PCers want to meet up or do dinner or a starbucks..  im in for that too...  I plan to drive many places starting from COlumbus Ohio  and generally ending up christmas eve and part of christmas day in South Beach..  and then work my way back north christmas night and beyond.. 


Bring it on BABY  its time for a ROAD TRIP!!!  and I want to see your lights..  since I cannot have my christmas eve party this year it will be Your lights that bring me a big smile!!


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