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2013 Mits Presale


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This was for a sale that started last December and ended January 8. Most vendors have a sale around that time and you get prices much lower than the rest of the year. Then the vendor makes a huge order overseas and the lights arrive sometime between spring and fall. The vendors order extra so they can also sell from their websites but at a higher rate than the group buys but still good prices. This website was  www.MITSLighting.com

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I wanted to thank everyone who participated in our presale again this year!   As you may know Google Checkout is being phased out, so we have retooled our website to handle credit card payments.  Let me know what you think and if you have any issued please pm or email me [email protected] .  The final batch of net lights should be arriving next week to complete the presale. 


Our inventory of left over lights (including our new tree line and incandescents) is complete and is now available at www.MagicInTheSkyLighting.com  We will be adding LED retrofits soon so be sure to check back.


These lights are in stock and ship via FedEx daily. Items are limited to quantity on hand and sold on a first come basis, sorry but we can't accept pre-orders or offer rain checks. 


Jacob J Dell

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Thanks for the feedback Dave!

For folks looking at MITS for the first time here is our basic lighting information.

Each strand is full wave, UL rated, dimmable and

can be used on a number of light controllers. Bulbs

are sealed and the socket in a molded husk construction

that seals the lead wires in as well. They are rated

at 100,000 hours of life.

The wire is 22 Awg

gauge. Bulbs are spaced 4 inches apart. The lead and

tail are each 6 inches.

Regular Strand lengths are as follows:

35ct 11.33 feet bulb to bulb, 12.33 feet total

50ct 16.67 feet bulb to bulb, 17.67 feet total

70ct 23.33 feet bulb to bulb, 24.33 feet total

100ct 33.33 feet bulb to bulb, 34.33 feet total

70ct Icicles Strands:

2in bulb spacing on drops, 6in drop spacing; drops

are 3, 5, and 6 light per drop. 7 feet bulb to bulb, 8

feet total

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