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Quick Question Multi Channel Extension Cord

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I am adding a last minute addition to my display and have a quick question. I have a spool of 5 conductor SO rated wire and wanted to make a multi 4 channel extension cord by splicing some cheap 6' extension cord ends at both sides to the 5 wire conductor. Plan on using 4 wires for 4 individual channel hot leads, and the 5th wire for a shared nuetral. My question relates to my LOR controller. Are the outputs from the SSR's only controlling the hot lead for each channel, so that I can share nuetral. Only running one 15 amp circuit to my LOR (so all 16 channels already using same nuetral) but if the LOR's relays are also switching/controlling the nuetral (can't see why it would, but don't want to jeopardize my controller) this obviously won't work. It would be nice to only run 2 wires carrying 4 channels each the 40' I need to send the power (each channel only 100ct LED string) and my 5 conductor wire is 12 guage, so amperage is no problem. Thanks. Wasn't sure to post this on Electrical questions or LOR topic, so sorry if this is in the wrong place.

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DITTO! I have four outlets per side. I break the hot tab so I can have two separate channels. I leave the neutral tab alone and run a shared neutral for each outlet box. End result is 8 hot wires per side and 4 neutrals. If you look in your panel box every circuit shares the same neutral so you are not introducing anything new.

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