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Want To Go 16 Ch. Lor In 2013

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Vid. is 2012 , my house in Peoria Az. using Mr. Christmas . I am going with the LOR starter package for 2013 . The 2 real landscape tree, I want to wrap individual branches . I have too many questions about LOR but here are a few; I plugged electrical power strips into 4 of the 6 mr.Christams outlets for more "plug-in ability" . I did not go over the limited recommended wattage. can you do this on a 16 ch. LOR ?           I want a mixture of sizes and colors of snowflakes over the garage....If you have a multi function item and set it for steady on {example my white snowflakes} can LOR control this or does the multi function wiring interfere?

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Sorry I see no video.  Make sure you use the "link" icon in the POST REPLY menu.  You can add it there.

I did not go over the limited recommended wattage. can you do this on a 16 ch. LOR ?        

LOR CTB 16 PC cards can handle a maximum of 8 amps per channel.  Each card has 2 separate sides (effectively two 8-channel boards on one card).  If the card comes with the LOW POWER HEAT SINKS, you can use a maximum of 15amps per side (remembering that the max off of one channel is 8 amps). 

IF you purchase a card that has HIGH POWER HEAT SINKS, then you can max each side out to 20 amps.  You'll have to purchase 20 amp fuses as the CTB16PC's come with the 15amp fuses. 


   I want a mixture of sizes and colors of snowflakes over the garage....If you have a multi function item and set it for steady on {example my white snowflakes} can LOR control this or does the multi function wiring interfere?


If the multi function can be set at a constant-on setting, then yes it should work and act just like any other constant-on string of lights.  If not, for example the new color flex LED reals by Gemme, the onboard controller will run its assigned program by the manufacturer... causing the LOR channel to just be an on/off switch.

Feel free to ask more questions, lots of experience here in these forums.

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Sir , thank you. I'm still in the G.E. mr. Christmas mind set. On that controler I had 6 outlets , off the top of my head each outlet could take only 240 watts so only about 6 strands of lights per outlet. what i had on one outlet for example would be 3 incan. strands on one landscape tree  running to a power strip that plugged into one of the mr. Christmas outlets . then I would run 2 LED strands or something to the same power strip to not exceed 240 per outlet . I could plug in more lights this way....Now the starter set LOR has 16  plug- ins . how many watts per outlet can this LOR take and can I use power strips to max out lights?? I really am in the dark on LOR but I have a lap top to dedicate to it and lots of lights, power cord and artificial trees...will try to post this years mr.Christmas vid here later... Thank You, Mike in Peoria, Az. 

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First of all I don't go by watts, I go by amps... only because that's what is on the strings and my electric panel. I used an online calculator (google search) to figure that 1/2 of the LOR card @ 15Amps = max 1800 watts. 

Most 100 ct mini's are .34amps/string.  15amps  divided by .34 =  roughly 44 strings of 100 count mini's, or 4,400 lights
That is the max... but not recommended.  You should be using 80% of that.  =>> 80% of 15A = 12A   then 12A divided by .34= roughly 35 strings.



If you balance the load on 1/2 of the LOR card (8 channels) you can get  (35/8=) 4.3 strings of light per channel. And 70 strings max for both sides of the controller

Now if you convert to a 20A controller with High Power heat sinks...

20A x 80% load= 16A

16A / .34A(per string of 100ct mini)= 47 strings for 8 channels.

47 / 8 = 5.8 strings per channel
Total of 47 x 2 (sides to the LOR card @16 channels) = 94 strings of 100ct minis, or 9,400.


Just remember that max per channel you can only draw 8A.  or 8 / .34 = 23.5 strings of mini's 

if you use that 8 amps, you only have:
@15A 80% load = 13A - 8A (max per one channel) = 5A to use over the other 7 channels

@20A 80% load = 16A - 8A (max per one channel) = 8A to use over the other 7 channels


One of the reasons many people convert to LED's is that 1 standard string of 50-70ct LED's pulls 0.04 amps (vs the 0.34A the mini's pull)

Just so you see the difference

16A / .04(LED 50 count from Walmart) = 400 strings per 1/2 LOR controller... @ 20,000 LED's (400x50=20,000)
one controller could handle 2 x 20,000 = 40,000 LED's  or 800 strings safely.

So as I said, I don't go by Watts... Amps is how I roll.  This is being safe, I'm sure many others are a bit more daring and have used Amp meters to identify the actual draw the lights pull in electric.  I would hope that some other members would chime in on their suggestions.  I'm not an electrician (college is helping me understand the math again after all these years) but this is my current understanding of the limits that LOR has per UNIT. 

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Follow Clyde's advice about amps, watts are just a calculation element -- amperage load is the ballgame. Since you're stepping up in capacity and ability, be conservative in your approach. Stay at 80% of calculated load on your circuits and you should be safe.

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Vid. is too large, will fix. here is what I did this year . It is static/ mr.Christmas . Led flood lights flashed on house , roof line {white LED} trees,  bushes, snowflakes etc. flashed. Next year I will wrap individual branches on landscape trees, get more snowflakes , move large flake that is over front door to over the garage and some other things. Want to run it with LOR 16 ch. starter pack. I picked up seven 3 foot artificial trees for front yard, small snowflake lights and LED's at target/walmart in after Christmas sales. This year the landscape trees had 300 color lights flash to mr.Christmas and 300 on static . Windows and arches had 100 flash and 100 static {needed to do upper window}. this looked good and didnt overload the wattage on GE mr. Christmas.mega tree had a few white lights moving to mr. Christmas.post-15701-0-03460500-1357413025_thumb.jpost-15701-0-03460500-1357413025_thumb.j I want to change it up with LOR maybe go red and green with the colored icicle on roof line and cool white LED's still. Will do speakers only for music the 1st year LOR 2013. Trying to crawl before I walk and at this point don't know how to crawl !  Thanks, Mike  

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Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  That looks classy!
Hay, I use a Belkin tunecast II transmitter and modified it with 1 solder point (and I'm not experienced with solder).  cost me a total of $22.

here is a link to one I just googled on ebay. 

Mine has been working for 5 years.  It's a start!  Also, my radio sign (set on one channel) also is connected to an analog radio that turns on and off with the show.  The radio from Walmart cost $20.  Cheap Cheap Cheap!  I have a video showing my sign and describing how I made them (not exactly a how-to). 

And if you do go with everything you mentioned above, there is plenty of power using the 15A double sided controller options.  No Worries bro!   Just get started on finding extension cords lol.
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Thanks ! I need more lights! Your show looks like one of the best of the best!  I had seen this clip before, i'm tired of being on the sidelines. My house is the best in the neighborhood in my opinon. someone suggested the neighborhood have a contest next year , nobody around here has LOR except I will for 2013 ! "wait until they see the full operational power of the death star"!!! hoo hahahaha

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