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comet spyware?????

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Guest Bob_Moody

No... Comet is not spyware. It is a very legitimate light control software system designed and written by P.C. member Darryl Quinn (also the owner of d-lites)

When I had problems with Comet it was usually caused by my old Win98 system and an outdated copy of Media Player. System hung, crashed, etc etc ..

Works like a charm on my Win2000 box and my WinXP box.

Contact Darryl. He can probably point you in the right direction (and to the source if he's still offering it up)

-- Bob

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im running a fairly new machine and it crashes the comet program and sends me to microsoft where they say its part of comet cusor and when i try to save a playlist it never brings it back up -it looks like really cool software and id love to use it if i can just keep it running

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Hi, Comet is definately not spyware. It, unfortunately, has the same executable name as "Comet Cursors" which is spyware. A quick fix is to rename the comet.exe to something like comet2.exe. Then, it will not complain anymore.

I'll have to put a "rename the executable" task on the todo list one day... :D

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