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Announcing The 6Th Annual Virginia Mini On May 18

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We have several great demonstrations lined up so far. 


Roger Forbes will be bringing his LED tester to demonstrate.  He will also bring a set of parts to show how to put a tester together.  He will also bring a couple of relay box units to show us how to make a device to cut off your static display during the LOR show.


Charles Kerr will bring a small 2801/2811/2812/GE Color Effect DMX pixel controller he designed/built, a low cost usb dongle, and the software he wrote for the Mac OSX to run and visualize a show (currently sequenced with LOR S3). 


Rich Fennig will be bringing some DIY equipment to demonstrate. 


If anyone else has things they want to show off please bring them to the mini. 


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I will be bringing some roast beef, ham and cheese for sandwiches. 


Anyone want to bring some buns, mayo and mustard?


Paul, looking forward to some of your delicious cup cakes.  They were a hit last year and the previous year.  Also looking forward to seeing you and Noel.

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We are expecting about 20 or so attendees.  Power is available. 



Andy,  I'll bring some buns.  (How many?)  Also I was going to try and bring one of my DMX RGB Arches. will there be power available?? 



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We need a power point projector.  We found out tonight that the one we were planning on using is broken.  Does anyone have a power point projector that they can bring on Saturday?

Andy,  I have a projector I can bring to connect to a computer or DVD player - Its an Optoma GT360.  

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Just 2 days until the Virginia mini.  Things are shaping up for another excellent day with fellow Christmas enthusiasts.


The entrance to the room we will be using is on the left side of the church. 

Glen Allen Baptist Church, 3018 Mountain Road, Glen Allen, VA  23060


Don’t forget that every one should bring some food to share with the group for lunch. 


Al Thompson’s cell phone number is          804-370-1264  in case you need it Saturday.


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After missing last years mini I was really looking forward to seeing everybody again Sat. unfortunately, once again, something has come up and I will not be able to make it.  Hope everyone has a great time and my apologies for bowing out so late.

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What type of connector does one need to connect to the project?  HDMI? DVI?


I will bring two projectors Optoma GT360 and a BenQ722 - the BenQ has the most hours, but is reliable - I have attached photos of the back connectors for each projector.


The Optoma has the following inputs:



S-Video x1

Composite Video x1

Mini-jack Audio output x1

RS232 Control Port x1

RCA Audio in x 2 (R & L)


The BenQ has the following inputs:


D-Sub (VGA)


Composite video input




Hope this helps, I have cables to connect to a Computer via VGA or DVD player via RCA.


I DON't have a S-video, HDMI or DVI cable.






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Ok, I got an adaptor for my macbook pro to go from mini dvi to VGA.  Hopefully there will be some extra extender cables to interconnect them.

Should be good to go, have a VGA cable that would hook to your converter (mini dvi to VGA).  

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