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Looking For New Rock Songs For Halloween

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I have feed my frankstine very good for halloween  will look at welcome to my nightmare what im look for I have 192 Halloween sequences looking for new ones that are not sequences yet thanks for the help

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threnody for the victims of hiroshima by Krzysztof Penderecki is a very very creepy song for halloween, its a symphony tho 



I separated it into genres, as it goes further down it gets crazier, if the songs dont have clean lyrics most have versions on youtube that you can download and I have already found many of them. 


progressive metal

dream theater - panic attack


hard rock

anything marilyn manson is super creepy 

AC/DC - Highway to hell, hells bells

ozzy osbourne - mr crowly

motorhead - jack the ripper

avenged sevenfold - nightmare and scream

rage against the machine - killing in the name of 


thrash metal 


slayer - raining blood, angel of death

metallica - master of puppets

iron maiden - number of the beast, fear of the dark

Anthrax - Madhouse 


groove/death/hard core

pantera - cemetery gates  

lamb of god - laid to rest, ghost walking, ressurection #9, Bloodletting

slipknot - Iowa

Mushroomhead - burn


As I lay Dying - Condemned

bullet for my valentine - hand of blood

drowning pool - bodies

escape the fate - this war is ours, the guillotine, or just about anything from their new album (self titled)

in flames - sounds of a playground fading, take this life, fear is the weakness 

machine head - i am hell

meshuggah - bleed  

sylosis - the fate of vultures


Black Metal

Mayhem - De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas, most mayhem is really creepy sounding

Burzum - Belus' Doed, Fra Verdenstreet is a lot of really cool chanting and stuff

xasthur, dark thorn, dark funeral, gorgoroth are all really crazy black metal bands and the lyrics are in norwegian so you dont have to try to find a clean version



hope this helps, if you would like to see more of any genres just let me know and I would be happy to help. I have already started working on programming laid to rest by lamb of god, nightmare by avenged sevenfold, and sweet dreams by marilyn manson for 16 channels and will probably be doing many other songs on this list. If you are interested in those ones tho, I can share them on ultra shows once I finish them

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KING DIAMOND! WOW! I had them on LP before my parents took it away. They "supposedly" had a song that if you played backward at 3am it could summon the devil or something (hey, I was young). Yeah well mom was very upset and out with the king diamond! So old now I couldn't name one song.


Nightwish has some good stuff, very operatic. Go with the first singer, not the second. The album Century Child has some good halloween-esq songs.

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