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Outdoor Dyi Security For Less Than $20

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Attached you fill find an inexpensive security system for displays, outdoor furniture, grills, etc. that works on the same principals that retailers use to protect their merchandise.


If you just have some basic soldering skills you can build it yourself in about an hour.  Let me know if you have any questions.  email me [email protected]SimpleHolidayDisplayAlarm.pdf


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That is good could you make a couple for me I dont solder yet.  Also what is DYI stand for I cant figgure it out.

OK so I'm a little dyslexic.  That might explain why I come up with this stuff AFTER there's a problem and why my train sometimes runs backwards :) .


Seriously, if you want to build this yourself without soldering there is a breadboard available for about $14 from www.parts-express.com (320-090) which is the same company that's listed on the pdf.  No soldering is required.  You simply push wires and compoents into a board.

That will be less expensive then me building one for you.  However, if you still want me to build one for you email me at [email protected]

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