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For Sale: 'linkables' Icicle Lights (Incandescent)

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We are looking to sell our set of 'Linkables' icicle lights.  These are commercial grade clear lights in lengths of three feet each.  We have a total of 46 three-foot lengths.  A couple have been bent to fit around the corners of the house, but can be straightened back out or others can be bent depending on your needs. 


Examples of this style of lights can be seen at www.briteidea.com.


The retail price of these lengths are $31.00 each when they are new.  These are only a couple years old and slightly used.  We are asking $500.00 for the entire set (price is slightly negotiable).


If you are interested or have questions, please send me an email at [email protected].


We are located in western North Carolina and if they need to be shipped, buyer will be responsible for all shipping charges.





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They ARE NOT aluminum -- they are steel. These are commercial grade lights that have performed great.


That's great, but the ones I got from them were aluminum with commerical grade leds on them and they failed within two weeks. Bright Ideas took them back. They did not have the steel ones when I got mine.


Did you do dimming and shimmer with yours?

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