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Possible Sale In Se Michigan

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Well, time is coming.....   Have had 3 angioplasties and stints installed over the years and now I am going in on Monday for a Triple bypass.


I do not know what the future holds but I have been giving serious thought to winding down my display.


IF that happens, I would have about a dozen controllers up for sale and some mega tree assemblies.


Just wanted to give those in SE michigan some heads up on this as if it does happen...would happen in the next couple of months.


We need to see what kind of restrictions I wil be under physically after the surgury.


Will keep you posted.   


(Fred, tried to call you to give you first dibs on things but your number has changed.  You sold me a controller a while back....wanted to repay the courtesy)





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Doug, Of course like everyone I'm always looking for a deal on equipment, however if you are giving restrictions maybe just keep it all boxed up for one year and see what happens. I'm I could find some friends to help out your lights if needed Joe Engler Garden City, MI Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk HD

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Decision made. This year took a lot out if me. This is my last year with the big display. 99 % of my stuff will be selling after New Years. Giving heads uo to those in SE Michigan if you wish to come by to see my display.


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OK...decision made....  I am going to be selling off a majority of my lights and controllers.


I have 2 mega trees that I can sell off as a whole unit.  48 strings of M5 LED 100 count strings, 20 foot pole, winch, base ring, weatherproof box for holding the 2 LOR PC controllers inside, and a 3D star topper frame.


Leaping arches (6) with 3 LOR PC controllers.


"Candy Cane" sign frames


and about 10,000 incans (most new (never used) some only 1 season old.


2 (two) LOR Cosmic Color Floods.


LOR 16 channel 30 amp controller with MP3.


PM me with offers if interested.



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