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He has posted a new craigslist ad: 


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Posted: 2013-11-02, 10:28AM PDT

 Brand New Light O rama controllers

I have 2 16 channel LOR Controllers for sale. they are the ctb16pc channel. Fully assembled by LOR. Never been used, still in the Box. Wasnt able to do a display this year. 175.00 each or 300.00 for both. Call me at 512-955-1706 and we can meet somewhere in Seattle.

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I'm new here on PlanetChristmas but the behavior of this guy just hits home of how the world is becoming. I sent him a message on facebook of how offended I am over him stealing from others in such a scam (he really should be on Americas Dummiest Criminals if he is stupid enough to put his driver's license as part of legitimizing a criminal pursuit) and remaining so public about it. I'm glad its posted here...at least his days are numbered ....with an inmate number.

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You do know that the only thing messaging him does is inform him that we are on to him? He's going to get smarter and then nobody is going to get him. But where did you find his license number?

The person who started this post put the picture of the con man's picture of the items he was selling with a picture of his Drivers license that he was using to legitimize the sale with and then his facebook url.  Any way, this man is not hiding from anyone...himself or his criminal behavior and letting him know that others are seeing him may very well make him change his tactics as will any police inquiry will do...it does allow others to be aware of him and he aware that others Know his face.  This situation is really an FBI issue as he is not localizing his con (interstate mail fraud and such) and most likely has many many varieties and methods in play. And who really knows, is he that stupid to use his own identity to collect a western union payment and perpetrate such a crime without thinking that in todays social media he will remain untouched.  The victim may never get his money back but it is a good lesson for us all....we live in a society that lacks a conscious so we have to use whatever tools we have to protect the rest of us that do have a conscious.

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why do people keep send this crook money he has been scam people for years now it isn't like its a dirty little secret

The real question here is why has he been able to continue the scam and not find himself in the courts. I live in Tennessee and several years back we had a local resident that was doing such a scam through ebay and craigslist. She never had the products she was selling and she was using fake identities and a multitude of emails for listing (before paypal)....and even though the complaints were rampant about her she continued to get away with it for years....until the FBI got involved...the newspaper write up explained that the transaction had to be over $500 for them to get involved so they set it up to bid on ebay for the item over that amount so they could prosecute her.  She is in prison now but as I recall the reasons the local police couldn't do any thing is because she kept the dollars amount just under what is deemed as petty as shoplifting is.  I know they frown about vigilantism but sometimes its the only way to stop the unstoppable and in the case of this guy...it may be the only justice the victims will really get.

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I remember this old thread from earlier this year when we received the following email earlier today. I find this to be an all too eerie coincidence. My gut tells me he's still at it:



Dexter Drake  Yesterday 04:15 pm


We are in need of some new LED light strings to replace a bunch that got 

damaged while in storage this spring. We have a large light display our 

church does every year right outside of Austin, all proceeds go to help 

purchase Christmas presents for kids in the surrounding areas that wont 

have any. Our old vendor went out of business, and we had a terms account 

/purchase order account with them. I was hoping to see if you would be able 

to extend or open such an account for us with you so we can get the lights 

we need, and pay in full shortly after our opening night, nov 19th, once we 

have donations coming in? The church fully backs all accounts. We just 

began setup, and are in a bit of a time crunch, if you would be able to 

help us out, this would be an amazing blessing! Please let me know! thanks

Dexter Drake 

Faith Christian Church- Special Events


Oh My, I just saw a similar listing in Craigslist for Tri-Cities in Tennessee...JUST RECENTLY....Wow...

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WOW...this Dexter Williams has figured out the system...hide in plain sight, steal and defraud in plain sight...because his crimes are not worth it to our federal government, our judicial system, or the media sites he uses to do his crimes.  Obviously he has no shame, morals, or reasons to worry about getting prosecuted or taken to civil court.  Hmmmn, Mr Dexter Willaims the self proclaimed Marketing Manager ...maybe its time that the people of this community use some of his marketing tools and everyone post his face and deeds on craigslist for every city and state thus closing down at least that avenue of "marketing". 

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OK it looks like Dexter has been arrested in Austin Texas. Here is a Facebook quote: So anyone been scammed PLEASE contact them ASAP


Here's the text of an email I received yesterday regarding Dexter Haynes/Williams. Looks like scam-boy might be finally getting his comeuppance. If he scammed YOU, don't hesitate to pile on. Couldn't happen to a more deserving scum bag.

"... I wanted to let you know that this morning Dexter Williams was apprehended by the police. He is currently in jail in Travis County for the next 48hrs, but in order for charges to be pressed against him, evidence needs to be gathered and presented to the detective in charge of the case.

Please contact everyone you know that has been a victim of Dexter Williams and his light scams. Here is the detective's e-mail address: [email protected]

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If you know someone who has been scammed by him in the past but are no longer PC active users, please contact them... via email phone or what ever.. the bonds are not that high based on what I saw. about 3-4 grand will get him out.. usually 10-15% on bonds in Texas.  As much as I read when I first started with PC and other sites I saw him referenced on... he ripped off many people. Please let them know.. 

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