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I Found A Place To Get Deer Motors For Cheap With Free Shipping

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How are you guys connecting to these motors?  Those are pretty small shafts and I wasn't sure the best way to attach something rigid to them.

Ive used just a cotter pin and I was just using flat stock metal I had laying around or you can drill a hole thru electrical conduit and use that as your armature there is a few different ways you can do it...

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After waiting for so long, I received the motors and I liked them so much, I ordered 2 more!!!I guess for the price, I can wait a few months. :P

Im curious how long this order takes for you to get let me know if it takes as long please or if it was the New Year causing the delay but for the price im with you ill sit and wait im just going to order more then i need so i have a few extra Im glad you liked them...I still cant see with the shipping being free how the heck they make anything on them even if they are only paying their employees 25cents an hour which i think is a shame but that's why they can sell them this cheap I guess...

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I ordered 2 more a few weeks ago but can't remember the exact date. I only need them for Halloween but this summer would be nice. When I get them, I will come back and say the exact time it takes from order to deliver.


I don't know how things as low as $0.99 can be delivered for free. Places like Dealextreme and Banggood deliver for free and they have tons of stuff that are very low in price. Meanwhile, to send something from Canada to New Jersey with tracking, and I must say it was a ring in a bubble envelope , it ended up costing me $18.67 !!!! :wacko:

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I found this place to get deer motors or otherwise known as synchronous gear motors for making projects these come in handy for a lot of things granted they don't have a lot of torque but for just a simple lighter application they are great they have all different rpm ,s and they are all only $6.90 with free shipping not too bad a price...just thought I would let you all know in case you need any...http://www.lusolarelectronics.com/tyc50-synchronous-motor-ac110v-56rpm-cwccw-torque-4kgfcm-p-1.html

Haveyou purchased any ofthese motors? Howdo you house them? Or are they weatherproof as is

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