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Bronner's Customer Service Is Great!

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A week or two ago, I ordered a few items from bronners.com.  One of the items was a '13 7/8" x 13 7/8" Bronner's Gift Box'.  It turned out that the gift box fit just perfectly inside of the shipping box.  However, the shipping box was dented during transport, which caused the gift box to be dented, too.  The gift box cost about $4 and the dent wasn't too bad, so I decided I could live with it.  Well, a few days later, Bronner's sent me a customer survey.  In the comments section of the survey, I explained what happened to the gift box and suggested that they pack the gift box at an angle or some way where it is not pressing up against all 4 sides of the shipping box.  A response was sent back to me so quickly that I assumed it was just an auto-reply to indicate that the survey had been submitted.  It was from a Bronner's customer service rep, who said they were sorry for the damaged item and they would notify the shipping supervisors.  They shipped out a replacement gift box the same day.


I was very impressed.  I didn't think companies actually read those comments.  I wasn't upset about the gift box, but I was happy to see them make an effort to ensure I was ~COMPLETELY~ satisfied.


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I ditto their customer service. 

Two years ago in March we went up there for vacation and bought some ornaments and had them shipped back to our house in FL. The box was never opened until December when we went to decorate our tree. We found one of the ornaments didn't make it all the way intact. One phone call to them, and they had a new one shipped out and at our house within three days, no questions asked. Bronners is the best, and I've been going there ever since i was a baby. 

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