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White 4Ft Walmart Trees

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I am contemplating my options for mini trees next year. 


Does anyone have any of these;


...they want to part with. I know what they were on clearance and it was below the listed price ;-)


I am looking for anywhere between 7 to 11 more.


Hoping that someone has a large amount of these they want to part with.

Shipping is something else that I would want to work out as well.


Just "Contemplating" since I already have 5 :-)

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I have trees similar to these (except mine are green) and I've used them for two years now in my display. They do really well, just a little bit of rust around the metal, but it's kept lights in and when I store them, I just rap them up in trash bags (to keep away bugs and such) and then throw them in storage. And if you want to use something like this outside, I'd suggest taking the bottom rungs off of them because they'll stay in the ground a lot better, especially if you have a lot of wind.

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I love using the "Inside" Christmas trees...outside;



The green trees...be patient and go to yard sales. I probably paid maybe $25.00 to $30.00 for all the trees you see there. Why even the 9ft tree on the right was FREE!


The white ones will just be hard to find I am afraid :-( 

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