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Rgb Help Has Anyone Done This?

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I have a galaxia system that is currently set up as a video wall.  I like it other than what little programing I have figured out is a pain.  I also do not like the fact that my lor and galaxia are two seperate systems.  I want all one system basically that I can controll from my computer.  Is there a way to build a dmx controller to support this?  I believe I have 8 sets of lights.  If this is possible to build how would you program it?  Im new to DMX and RGB so I dont really understand as much as a lot of you guys on here.

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A good place to start is with the ACL 101 Lighting manual, this will give you a good idea of the types of syetms and how they connect up



You can take a look at the P12R manual (which is a pixel controllerand) or video on using with LOR that may do what your asking



You will find the ACL forums have a strong focus on RGB lighting and a very freindly chat room with many LOR users doing exactly what your wanting to do with RGB lighting. But as already mention you need to know the pixel type that the galaxia system use as this will determine your options

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