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Cute Little Snowman

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I went to an estate sale last weekend and saw a whole bunch of these snowmen:




Eight of them were with some other common molds and were already sold but I had help finding this one who wasn't claimed yet.  I've never seen it before and it has no markings.  Having a whole row of them woulda been nice, but I am very grateful to have just the one for my snowman collection.

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Steve, you have a great find, those are rarely seen, if the 8 were already sold I would guess that we will be seeing them show up on eBay in the future for a high price.  He was made by Borse Plastics back in the 60's, Agnes Whipple sold a couple of those along with a Borse Santa on eBay back in 2006 and another one was sold on eBay in January 2008.  You can see both the snowman and Santa here.





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Borse plastics?  That would be my first from that manufacturer, and it's one I hadn't heard of before either.  OK, check one off on my quest to find one of every snowman made.  Thanks, Mel!


As for the rest of them, yes they could be for resale but based on the condition of the large Empire and Union snowmen they also picked up I'm guessing they were for the buyers' own collection.  There were large holes cut out of the backs of the large snowmen and some of the little Borse guys were hiding inside.  They didn't seem to me to be in resale condition.


We shall see.  I'll be watching the Chicagoland craigslist, too.

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