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What Does Everyone Use Now?

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I was wondering what everyone uses to light their blowmolds. I have several blowmolds that take regular incandescent bulbs, but my home depot and target stopped carrying them. Is there a good place for dimmable LED replacements? If it was a C9 or C7 I would be good to go. But the bigger bulbs are tougher and $30/bulb at home depot for a dimmable substitute it a little high.....


Thank you




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I'm currently in the process of changing mine (160+) molds over to LEDs.  With the pricing coming out of China on the C7 size dimmable bulbs, it just made sense to me to change.

I am looking at using pixel nodes on some of the bigger ones to get better lighting in them in the head areas.

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I am not sure if you have a Menards in your area, but I switched over to a 25watt LED bulb (runs on 2w). They are for ceiling fans but are perfect for blow molds. Cost was around $7 per bulb, but will pay off in time. I had switched entirely to CFLs but found that they were not reliable with LOR.

For the candelabra size , I purchased some from ACtion Lighting. I believe they are T5 size and have 5 LEDs per bulb as compared to the c7 christmas retrofits that have 3 or less. I bought warm white for most of my molds, but the cool white actually looks pretty sweet in candy canes and snowmen. These bulbs are dimable.

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Go to Walmart.. get the 40W bulbs at 4 for $1 but yeah soon even those will be gone so we will have to either stock up or find another option.

Hopefully that nonsense will be stopped before they get to the 40 watt bulbs.


Simple enough to very cheaply purchase a socket adaptor that screws into the regular size socket and allws use of a candelabra sized base  bulb,which are not being phased out in incandescent.

That's a good point.  "Specialty" bulbs will not be phased out in any wattage so there will be options for those who want to stay with incandescents like globe bulbs, chandelier bulbs, etc.



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