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Mounting Lights To House...

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I have used hot glue to attach my C7s to my house (corners, around windows etc.) in the past. I'll be running three separate strings with different colors to be controlled this year. Any ideas or suggestions about mounting lights to wood siding, and rock? I think the hot glue would be excessive for this many lights.

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Something many like to do is use PVC. I tried hanging lights in the past with multiple colors and its hard to get the lights to stay all season. What I did this year is attach my lights to some 1" PVC and then attach the PVC to the roof line, around windows or wherever you need it. The thing that is awesome is you don't have to hang the lights every year, just simple throw the PVC up and you're done. There are PVC hinges online that are cheap and you can attach those to your house and your ready to go.

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