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My old laptop, where I have been using LOR is getting close to dying. I have a new ASUS Netbook that I wanted to install the software on and am having a lot of problems.  


I downloaded the latest version from LOR. When I open Sequence Editor it asks me to register. I enter the License Key and it tells me this license doesn't cover this version, purchase license or install earlier version. 


So I install v3.1.4, which is the version on my old laptop. When I open Sequence Editor it says Failed to load control. Version may be outdated. When I open the control panel it says failed to activate control VB.UserControl. This control may be incompatible with your application. Make sure you are using the version of the control that was provided with your application. 


I have been a Mac person for the last 4 years. So I am not as familiar with PCs as I used to be. I only use a PC for LOR. It now appears that whenever I open LOR on my old laptop it freezes and tells me something about an incorrect Serial Port.


Please help if you can, I beg of you. At the moment nothing works! 

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Good Afternoon, I'm guessing that you have windows 7 or maybe 8 on your new ASUS laptop, and that 3.1.4,with the VB (Visual Basic) was written for XP.  Bottom line you are dealing with incompatibilities between the versions of software, windows and LOR, the first suggestion is to open a ticket with LOR,



Then go with their recommendations, it may mean upgrading LOR, which would be easier than adding XP to your laptop.

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