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Actually Found Blow Molds In Florida! :)

Elaine F

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I spotted a craigslist ad that had the text "Christmas decorations" and "large figures".  Could it be?  Blow molds for sale in Florida?!  They were having a garage sale, starting at 8am on a Friday.  Got there at 8:10am, and couldn't believe my eyes!  I got all these blow molds for $10!!!!!  In Florida, I consider that a gold mine!  And to top it off, she said in 2 weeks (that's this Friday), she's going to have all the blow mold pumpkins from her attic in her second garage sale!  She said she has a ton of them!  Eeeeek!  I can't wait!



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Wow! That was an incredible deal! Those angels can go for quite a bit on ebay. Congrats!

Yeah, she's in great shape, just a little dirty, and of course, she has a small hole in her head from the eye bolt. My parents have the typical Empire blow mold nativity with a few extra pieces, like a shepherd boy.  And my mom is big into angels, mostly knick-knacks.  I think I might give them the angel, she'll look nice in their display.

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