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Can This Be Fixed


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Little bit of solder, coat with liquid electrical tape and a little piece of heat shrink tubing over the cut and you'll be fine.  I've broken / cut / etc a few myself over the years, and they are fine.


If you want to get "really" advanced, you can get adhesive lines heat shrink tubing (I've always had to by adhesive online) and it'll be a perfect waterproof seal.

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Cut a little insulation off the ends. Slide heat shrink tubing onto one end. Twist the ends together and solder. Make sure the heat shrink is back a little so it doesn't shrink while soldering. After cooling slide heat shrink over soldered ends. Use a barbeque lighter to heat the tubing unless you have a fancy heat gun. You can also use electrical tape instead of heat shrink tubing. Mice love biting through wiring. I always have to repair my parents wireframes.

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As you say that you are "not very knowledgeable about wiring", I would assume that you do not have a soldering iron.  You may want to look into a wire splice or a butt splice


The wire splice just needs a regular pair of pliers.  It pierces the insulation so you don't need to trim it back.  It is designed to allow to to tap into a unbroken wire, but it can be used for this repair.  When you are done, wrap it with electrical tape to cover the exposed wire end.


The butt splice will require you to trim the insulation.  The crimp can be done with pliers, but it is HIGHLY recommended to use a crimp tool


You will need to make sure that you get the correct size for your wire.  Most Christmas lights use a 22 gauge wire.  The RED connectors are for 18 - 22 and is probably what you need.


One more thing...  When you cut your tie wraps, don't cut the "strap".  Cut the head.  You will be less likely to cut your wires.

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