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2013 Pacnw Regional Clap Mtg - Rsvp

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May 4th:

All the preparations are complete. We have an outstanding agenda that continues to build on the themes from previous years. Details are in this thread:

We are now looking for RSVPs of those who will be attending to plan on food and drinks. Please respond to this thread, PM or email me alternately.

We have 4 additional sponsors to join our long prestigious list:

Christmas Light Show
3G Lighting
Dell Computer
Buchart Gardens

Lastly there is a PacNW member who is looking to sell some LOR controllers. If you are interested, PM or email me.

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Thanks Sarah for coming. We made sure everything got a great home. We will miss your smiling face and you will forever be engrained in my mind with the welders helmet on! Take care and keep in touch.

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Mark, Kevin and Gang.

Thanks soooo much !   That was the best CLAP to date.    I really enjoyed getting re-energized after taking a year off.   Sara, Thanks for the controller;  you know it went to a great home.  It was great seeing familiar faces as well as meeting new ones.



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Thanks to Mark, Kevin and everyone involved on putting on another very successful Northwest CLAP meeting. Also thanks to Nancy Foley for allowing us to invade her home again for another year. It could not have been easy for her without Bill. He will always be with us. Great job guys on keeping his spirit alive and well! 

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Thanks all for letting this Southerner come and present my pixel tree w/Madrix.  Best regional meeting I've been to!

It was GREAT to meet you Darren! Thanks for the info on Madrix! Awesome presentation!



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Whew! I have been RUNNING since Saturday. Thanks to everyone for a hugely successful event. We had our largest meeting to date for sure with approx 55 attendees. Especially everyone that came from WAY outside the area to play with us. You guys rock for sure and make this get together special.


I will be posting the material on NWClap.org by this weekend.

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