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The Academy Is Almost Sold Out!

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Hi everyone. This is sort of a pivotal point for this year’s Academy…


We always have multiple classrooms going and this year is no different. But we’re at a weird place in terms of our facility. With more than 60 days left we are at capacity. There are simply very few spaces left for people to fit into our current facility layout (don’t worry, we’re not moving, we’re just talking about how much we have contracted currently). So here’s out dilemma:

  • Keep the amount of space we have and close registration when we hit the max (which will happen with just a few more people, so there isn’t much left).  Or...
  • Expand and add more space. To do this we need to have a bunch more people register quickly. It’s a financial risk to add more so we have to make that decision by the end of the week.

It basically comes down to this: if you’re attending, register today. This isn’t marketing; we’re out of space and need to make a decision:


Close registration or increase our space. It’s up to you!


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 If your an LSP user or planning on LSP or just interested in what it has to offer then the academy will be the place to be as Ill be showing how to use LSP and how to get the most from it. I have already spent some time working on a presentation for this event

So book in your place now

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Fast forward two days…

After we posted the info above we got some folks registering but we also received a lot of questions. People have really liked the details on the website but not everyone goes there and apparently there have been questions on the details of some events this year so we thought giving you the quick rundown might be helpful. 

We have the following tracks in place for attendees to learn from:

“Starting from Scratch”: This is a 5 course track on Friday for new folks to the hobby.

  • Display Design
  • From Static to Animated
  • Electricity: Your Best Friend or Worst Enemy
  • DIY or Commercial?
  • Audio Solutions

“Christmas Classics”: The Christmas-related sessions you’re used to seeing from the crew at Lone Star Holidays.

  • Easy and Impactful
  • Photograph & Video Your Display (Presented by Panasonic)
  • Video Editing
  • Integrating Non-Lighting Elements (bubblers, fog and fireworks)
  • Floods/Bubblers/Snow Machines (demo session for hands on experience)
  • Sharing With The World (Speakers and Transmitters)

“DIY Expo”: The very best in DIY Lighting brought to you by the team from DIY Light Animation.

  • Introducing the Zeus Controller
  • Soldering Workshop
  • Buy It, Make It, Break It, Fix It 101
  • The Many Twists of the Helix Controller
  • The ABC’s of Using the Etherdongle and Conductor

“Software Solutions”: The best in holiday software is shared with you by the experts:

  • Light Show Pro (Eddy Vassallo will becoming in from Austrailia to teach several levels of LSP)
  • Nutcracker: RGB Effects Builder
  • Nutcracker Advanced: Creating your Own Animations (Sean Meighan, the creator of Nutcracker will be on hand again this year)
  • What You Need to Buy: Light-O-Rama Hardware (Don Teague of Synchronized Christmas will be sharing his knowledge with you)
  • Light-O-Rama BS (Beyond the Sequence)
  • Light O Rama Sequencing
  • The Sounds of Music: Audio Editing with Audacity

“Beyond Lighting”: Classes about the holidays that don’t fit into other areas.

  • The Claus Transformation
  • Using Social Media for Your Holiday Displays
  • Photography 101

In addition we’ll have the following vendors on hand to show off their products and help fill your holiday stockings with new goodies to purchase:

  • Illumimax
  • Cheap DMX
  • Holi-Spheres
  • Holiday Coro
  • Colonnade Lighting
  • Synchronized Christmas
  • 13th Street Morgue
  • Panasonic
  • WLC Ventures
  • PartyMachines.com
  • Seasonal Entertainment
  • San Devices
  • Light Show Pro
  • Young Technology
  • Crafty Cat Designs

Hopefully that helps give you a little insight into what’s planned for you. For more details on classes and vendor offerings be sure to check out www.theultimateacademy.com.

Remember, register today so we you don’t miss out!

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On Monday we make the final decision with the facility on space (60 days out- no changing our minds after that!).  If we made the decision right now we'd be closing up registration based on budgets vs attendees.  So if you're planning to attend go register NOW!

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