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Which One? Rgb Led Controllers


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I have been following, reading, stalking and learning about the many available options for pixel controlled RGB LED lights.

I would like some feedback. In particular, about the following:

Seasonal Entertainment

Holiday Coro


My questions:

Most user friendly? Customer Service? Compatibility? ETC.

Any feedback would be great! Thanks, sam

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I have used products from all three of those you listed.

Holliday Coro: BEST IN CLASS, you cannot underrate the assistance David has been and continues to be. This is one of those Over the top in product and service you generally only hear about every once in a while.


Seasonal Entertainment: Also SUPERIOR QUALITY products and Superior serve as well as reasonable prices. Quick response to questions, rapid solution to issues (even when it is not a result of their doing).  Reasonable prices for quality products.


DIY Light Entertainment: RJ is way ahead of the curve. These products are well designed but do require some electronic knowledge, as they are TRULEY “DIY”. DIY has a big community of folks ready and willing to help. CAVIOT: these are NOT plug and play as a rule.  If you are willing to do the work and put in some time you can save a big chunk of cash with RJ’s stuff, and he has some really cool stuff, but you need to time your needs with the group buys and documentation tends to be more at a technical level.



In short  these are three of the movers and shakers in this blinky light community, and thanks to them we have some great products and great service (YES service is not just a 7 letter word to be thrown out for marketing purposes, these folk actuall live it. )

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I agree totally with Jerrymac. I used to be on PC daily, but made the jump to the DLA side. I will be totally Lnyx equipment this year, but it has been a learning curve and takes additional time to build the hardware. The DLA community is awesome though and can help with almost anything that you run into. 


I personally do not think that you can go wrong with any of the mentioned vendors. It all depends on what direction you are wanting to go.

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Thanks for the feedback... I'm just trying to figure out which is best for me

Best is the combination that works for your vision, ability, time and budget.

Plug and Play = LOR CCP, CCR, CCB 

Plug and Play with some level of adjustment  = Seasonal Entertainment

Lots of choices with a minimal amount of work or learning =  Holiday Coro

Value and options with a fair amout of experiance (techno geek) = DYI

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