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Started to migrate my Mac software over to E1.31 (and will probably migrate to the public as well).  
One of the things I was wondering how useful it would be to have channel mapping.  How I define channel mapping is the ability to allocate a contiguous set of 512 channels from a sequence (not necessarily on any boundary), to a given interfaces universe (be it a usb dongle, E1.31 universe, etc).
In other words, instead of arbitrarily allocating on fixed 512 byte boundaries the channels to divide up on an E1.31 universe assignments, allow one to allocate the starting channel of their choice to an E1.31 universe.  This is useful if your pixel controller does not let you span a universe for a string. (of course, as with any flexibility, it also must be used carefully or can create issues for your network in terms of interpreting channel assignments).
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No, I am lets say you have 8000 channels in your display.  Normally, Universe 1 would be channels 1-512, 2 would be 513-1024, snd so on.



However, you could also map whatever channels you want to those universe say Universe 2 is going to be channels 600-112. Just gives you some flexibility in how you sequence versue how your devices are configured.

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As far as the network is concerned each universe starts at channel 1 and finishes at channel 512, each universe will have its seperate iniverse number.


The way you configure in LSP is that each channel is individual, so i may have an element that starts at channel 2000 in LSP but then that start channel of 2000 and the channel range is then allocated (mapped) to a universe in the LSP E1.31 Application, each universe is still channel 1 to 512 but channel 2000 in LSP is mapped to the universe


This video in this thread will help you understand http://auschristmaslighting.com/forums/index.php/topic,2404.0.html

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