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Oscar The Grouch Garbage Can Front

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This is the Oscar the grouch and the other Ice Cream I made for a local business Im going to do a sweet shop for my display they were fun to make. The Oscar is going to be mounted in front of a garbage can and the kids are going to throw away their trash through his mouth I just hope he stands up to the abuse he is being clear coated with multiple coats..Im just going to keep my fingers crossed but i made sure to let the guy know that these are really not made to take that kind of abuse Ill just have to wait and see..I hope you like him he is really big he is 60 inches tall..This pic of the ice cream is not the way it ended up I repainted the bottom those black cone marks i wasnt happy with so i re did them and i forgot to take another pic. but you get jist of it . Believe it or not those black marks were tough to keep them lined up because they were crooked in the image I started with anyway this is all of them im proud of them i think they came out nice i hope you all like them .post-18115-0-54291600-1371298246_thumb.jpost-18115-0-11476700-1371298315_thumb.j If anybody would like any characters or themes made just shoot me a message i am currently working on a project but as soon as that is done ill be free to do another. Have a great day....Im only going to be making characters until the end of October after that I will be to busy with my own display...Im so far behind on all my own projects...but they can wait I would rather be working on other peoples because we can use the extra money...

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They look great. Hopefully you can get a nice photo once these are all step up at the ice cream sta


They look great. Hopefully you can get a nice photo once these are all step up at the ice cream stand. Great job!

Thank you very much the owner loved them he wants a bunch more stuff maybe this season if not definately next. ill have to ask him to send me a pic of them once they are up

nd. Great job

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Thanks showtime and nut i appreciate it is going slow but im staying busy I have a 10 character order Im working on now they are gointg to be pretty cool Ill let you all know how they are coming along have a great day. Im going to be at the campground from June 22nd until July 13th so Im just gonna take a few with me and paint them when Im bored or on a rainy day up there. So I hope you all are having great summers and Ill chat with you later,...

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