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Spiral / Mega Tree Base


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I read a post from a gentleman who had a formula to bend his tree base with a conduit bender, which was made from chain link fence top rail. If somebody has seen that post or know of a similar way, please let me know. Thanks

It may have been me.  I posted a video on Youtube on how I made mine.  I didn't show bending the tube, but it was pretty easy.  I just figured out the diameter I wanted.  Then I had a couple of old 2x12 boards laying around.  I cut them to the correct diameter.  Attached a block of wood on one side to hold the pipe in place, then just started bending.  I would bend a little, then slide it farther in, then bend it some more, until I had the whole ring made.  I did make it in two halves.  Then slid the pipes together.  That part did take a little forcing.  But once together, they worked great.  You can see the video here.


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