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Monoprice Has Cheap Extension Cords!

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I figured I'd share with you all that I found extension cords on Monoprice.  They're way cheaper than the big box stores, black, and pretty decent build quality.


Here's the link.  I bought 10 10' 16/3 cords for my display and I'll probably buy quite a few more.



Disclaimer: I am not in any way affiliated with the company other than being a very satisfied customer.

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I'd like to point out that if you already have a bunch of 100' cords and don't need them to bee 100', you can always shorten them.  If you purchase the 1'  cords from Monoprice then cut them in half, you have a male and female 3 prong connector (as opposed to purchasing male and female 3 prong replacement ends from Lowes for $2 or $3 each!!!!).  You can then solder them onto your existing extension cords to make shorter runs.  All of my orange cords were 18AWG anyway.

3 years ago, I moved my controllers out into my display.  I no longer needed 60+ 100' extensions, so I cut them into 25' lengths.  I then found some similar inexpensive short cords at BigLots and soldered them on.  I think I converted 15 cords?  That made 60 each @ 25', something I can use.  I now have more than enough extension cords for my purposes, and it only took a little time to make the cords.  Best of all, I don't EVER need to purchase extension cords again :)

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