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Giant Lite-Bright Idea


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Ok so I am thinking of building this for the display.  Thinking I would change the picture about 4 times during the Season to mix things up. It could also be used for other things during the year.


If you have any Ideas please feel free to post.


Here is the basics of what I am thinking.



Giant Lite-Bright Idea


Light box built out of 2X4s measuring 4ft by 8ft

4x8 sheet of plywood $25.00 for the back of the box.

 Paint outside black and line the inside with tin-foil for reflectivity.

5 cans of cheap black spray paint. Large Box of heavy duty Tin-foil.


$10 for paint and about $10 for tin-foil- $20

I am thinking of using 2 strings of C9 100 Christmas lights to light the box, just staple the lights in a pattern to the back of the light box. This would provide 1400 watts of light. 7 watts per. Bulb should be able to make a hole at the top of the back to run the cords out to be plugged in. The hole will help to vent the box but with 1400 watts probably should make a hole at the bottom opposite side to create some cross convection ventilation.  Might even need to add a fan but I don’t think that will be needed as the bulbs do not get any hotter than about 100deg. the air around the bulb might get a bit warmer than that say 120-130deg. but the venting should be all that is needed.

$100 for the light strings and bulbs.


Now I need a clear sold membrane to attach to the light box, I am thinking I can get something like this.


Suntuf 26 in. x 8 ft. Clear Polycarbonate Roofing Panel Homedepot has them for $22 and it would take 2 - $45. Might find something cheaper but plexiglas is $130 for 4x8 so this is cheaper than that.

This is used to let the light out and stop the pegs from going too far in and hitting the bulbs or falling into the box.

I need a rubber mat so that it can help to hold the pegs and block the light and basically heal itself (close up) when a peg is pulled out. This will take some time, I will have to cut and X at each of the peg holes on the mat so that the peg and be pushed through to the light when needed and be pulled out and the holes close back.

Something like this is what I am thinking.  Dyno Rubber Utility Mat - 4' x 8' $50 The mat need to be spaced about ½ inch from the clear membrane so that the pegs can push the rubber open and get to the light source. Have to figure this out, might just spacer 1x 2 boards but I don’t think I need a inch, but I don’t think it would hurt except the pegs have to be longer. Need a peg board to attach over the rubber matt, might have to paint the pegboard black. Peg board about $20 So about $260 for everything but the pegs. Last but not least need Pegs…. This is the expensive part, I am thinking ACRYLIC PLEXIGLASS ROUND ROD Clear and Colored – for enough to make about 2400 pegs 3inch long in 5 colors - $240.00 Might try and find a cheaper item but can’t think of one right now. Project Cost: ~ $500




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They have one of these in the discovery room at the Boston Museum of Science.  I think they used fluorescent tubes rather than incandescents with a diffuser panel.  You could also look at the white LED flex tapes on eBay.   1400W in an enclosed box with plastic sounds like something will end up melting.



I just did a quick Google search and found these plans

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Yes, I have seen the Indestructible plans, there is also a college that did one in Mobile Al with all LEDs pixels. But, as mine will be outside I think using the C9s that are made for outside is a better Idea than the fluorescents tubes. They really don’t get that warm and the venting should be enough.

Thanks for the comments.

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