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2013 Gemmy Christmas Inflatables

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OK the inflatable section has been extremely quiet, so I need to get something going.  We have all been using our sources for pictures of upcoming inflatables, scouring all the retailer sites and checking out Gemmys Halloween and Christmas previews.  Halloween has already broken my budget as it look like there are a lot of good ones out there this year. 


I have scene a number of Christmas inflatables from the owner of a Seasonal Store, Distributor websites, Yard Inflatables, other retailers and such, but Home Depot's site caught me by surprise yesterday, as there are a few I had not scene and will now be purchasing this year, yes they have the Star Wars Line, but only 4 footers very disappointed by that.  They also brought back the Reindeer Stable, will be getting an extra one of them for when one of mine bites the dust.  But here are a few I had not scene and will be at Home Depot this year, hoping Bob may carry them as well, but did not see them on his site previously, but I'm sure he will be adding some.







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KMart has also started listing there Christmas stuff on there website....Looks like the bumble sleigh will be available through them this year... The price tag is a little heavy.... I guess they are finally realizing the demand for Rudolph's themed airblowns...


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My want list is long and the got have list is growing.  add the Gingerbread Man eating contest for sure.


No sure how the "Neon" CHRISTmas will look, great for Halloween, but not sure for CHRISTmas will work,


we will see


I am really nervous this year about how much I may spend.  I retire at the end of November, and will have a sizable last pay check (lets just say about 400 hours of unused vacation).  I really need to budget myself this year and not blow it all on decorations.

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FYI, not exactly abut Christmas, but our Lowe's has their Halloween and Thanksgiving inflatables out.  Only one turkey (hold a "Got Turkey?" banner). couple of new Halloween ones, large haunted circus wagon, a 16' Grimm Reaper, etc

Really? That is fantastic, thanks for letting us know! We will have to check it out.


Do you happen to know if the new turkey is Gemmy? Thanks Xenon!

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couple of things on Ebay now,


Christmas Tweety, I have him rally nice, but he may get pricey



and a good deal on a snow globe, ( snow blower may need repair)  $0.99 and 14.50 shipping



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OK here are a few more recent Xmas inflatables that I think everyone may enjoy, of course these are my personal likes.  So far of the Mass Retailers, Walmart, Kmart, Sears and Depot have posted Xmas inflatables.  I keep checking Menards and have not found Halloween or Xmas yet, as I usually have them ship me things as we do not have them.  Finally you have Yard Inflatables that also has a great selection, he has the Bumble Sleigh cheaper than Depot and it does not appear on Kmarts sight any longer.









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Was in our Lowe's this week, they hope to have all of their Christmas out by Labor Day.


I usually try to wait until around Thanksgiving to buy when they usually go 40% off.  I waited too long last year and they were sold out of most inflatables by Thanksgiving.


And they have a new store manager, he would usually give me 20% off, not sure how the new manger will feel about that, but it does not hurt to ask.


I may be buying a little earlier this year.

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OK Finally hit Lowes Sunday


Gingerbread house check

Hippie Van check

Fire Truck check (damn dalmation)

Frosty Globe check

Minnie House check

Grandma Run over by a Reindeer check

Rudolph check

4 Bags of Mulch check

10% Off Coupon check

18 Months No interest financing check

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