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Another Nice Craigslist Find!

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I don't find a lot either to be honest. Garage sales are my hunting grounds and that's starting to wind down for the season. I think September it'll be pretty much done. I don't buy repeats of what I own either unless it's in better condition than the one I own.


Nice finds tho btw.

I usually do really good on Craigslist.  I haven't gotten many at garage sales.  And I have been buying multiples only if they are cheap.  This year I'm decorating a few family members houses with my extra multiple molds!

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Nice finds! I like the tpi snowman! he's one of my favorite pieces, especially next to his twin made by a different company n a lil diff. paint job...

Thanks!!! I love it too!! I have another one just like him with the same paint, and then I also have two other ones that are different color paints! They look great together!

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