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Antenna For Ramsey 100B

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I purchased a Ramsey 100B without the stock whip antenna. Besides the stock antenna, has anyone used a different one.  I'd like to find one that I can put in the attic or possibly on the roof.  A link or model # would be appreciated.



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Use one of the calculators out there.  I think I used this one:


the diagram with the dimensions drawn out for you make it really simple.


With my JPole mounted on the eave of the second story of the house, my Ramsey can go two miles at just a little under full power  (so, I keep it turned down a little now)

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So the formula is length=2808/Frequency, so:


2808/97.3 = 28.86"


The radials are 5% larger, so:

28.86*1.05 = 30.30"


As your tape measure probably only goes down to 1/16", round these off to

28.875 - 28 7/8

30.3125 - 30 5/16


Note the top of page three.  He adjusts his antenna to the middle of the two frequencies that he uses.  You can also translate that as you don't have to be very precise. 

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