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Xlights/nutcracker 3.1.1 Released. Meteor Fix And Enhancement.

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3.1.1 released. Find latest releases here : http://nutcracker123.com/nutcracker/releases/
Matt Brown has fixed/enhanced the Meteor effect. We renamed the Starfield Effect to be "Explode" and "Implode"
Enhancement: Matt added new directions for Meteors. They now can go left and right.
Release notes:
3.1.1:  Aug 12,2013 - Bug Fix: (Matt Brown). Matt has fixed the Meteor effect. He has also enhanced it so meteors can fall to the left or right.
We have renamed Starfiled to be called "explode" and "implode"
- Enhancement: (Matt Brown)  I made some improvements to countdown & skip blank cells logic. I also changed a couple of method names to make them more clear. Also, the timer now skips if the last interval takes more than 50ms to process. Before it was blocking until the last interval finished (so if every interval took more than 50ms you had a stackup of waiting timer calls to process).
Remember do a "File,Backuo" before installing any new version of xlights.
thanks again to Matt for the nicer meteor effect.
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Can you please look into something?  I just tried to download 3.1.1 and my PC's Kaspersky stopped it because it detected a "Trojan horse" virus.  Thanks!!!

i will download and run kaspersky. i have avg and iobit virus scanners, they dont show any virus in xlights.exe

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website got hacked yesterday at 5:45pm MST due to a vulnerability in wordpress.

i requested that hostmonster restore site from last friday backup.


i have deleted wordpress from site.


all is back to normal now


hack was from someone in russia.



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