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2013 Tennessee Fall Mini

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Well it is time for our Fall Mini in East Tennessee again.


This year the date is September 14th.


Place: Cleveland, Tennessee.


Time 9:00 AM till .....


Location: New this year, will post closer to event. More room to display items.


Topics: Open right now, some suggestion are.


1. Open discussion on anything.

2. Help on building boards

3. Cabling

4. Trouble shooting software problems.

5. Superstar class.

6. Discuss difference in software pachages.

7. More Bobo stuff.



Lets hear from you.

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Here is the information about the Tennessee Mini on September 14th.

Date: September 14th 2013

Time: 9:00 AM til 5:00 PM

Location: 190 Stonebridge Lane NE
            Cleveland, Tennessee 37323
If your GSP or Google search cannot find this street then use this address- 495 Old Parksville Rd NE, Cleveland Tennessee 37323. This is a house at the intersection to our street, you will see a new development and that is StoneBridge Lane. Go north and we are the second house on the right.

Phone if you get lost: (423) 464-5052

Facilities: The Garage will be for a swap meet and/or BuynSell

Upon arrival you will enter through the garage into the house and then downstairs into the basement, there will be 2 large rooms for our mini, and maybe another room if need, these room are 17 x 24 feet so we can setup lights and stuff if needed.

Food: Will have Papa Murphy Pizzas available everyone will chip in $5-7.00 each.  If you have issues with some toppings please let me know as the pizzas can be customized.

Drinks will be water and ice tea.

Swap or Buy and Sell: The Garage will be used for this, bring your underused stuff and maybe find a new home.


1. Software: We will have several members with many years of experience and we can setup either individual or group classes on LOR S3, Vixen, HLS.

2. Superstar Class: (Ron Boyd) will show how to use SuperStar programming, (Dennis Cherry) can show how to use the Instant Sequencing function in SuperStar (A special way of figuring out how to set it up.).

3. Have problems with configurations of hardware and understanding of what DMX?

4. Kit building, need some help with getting your stuff built, will have a soldering station available to assist you.

5. Anything else you want to discuss or see.

Bring your stuff and experience and go home with more stuff and more knowledge.         

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Update: Two more offerings for Tennessee Mini on September 14th.

The new DIYBLinky pixel controller will be shown, this is one of the smallest full universe pixel controller available (170 pixels). Works with the WS28xx series pixel at 5 Volts and can operate at 40 FPS or better, that is 25ms timing. Also have the DIYBlink board for the GECE's

Also Jim Nealand will be showing the falcon Pi Player which is a conductor like device running on a Raspberry Pi. We should be able to power it up and connect to your network (hardwired is all I have at the moment) and let anyone access the web configurator and screens. Could even load up a sequence and play it back after running it thru the xlights convert function.

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