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Im planning my display for 2013 and i have enough lights that there wont be any dead spots on the entire lawn or the house. The only spot that isnt lit is a huge pine tree, right in front of my house. Its about 40ft tall so even with one of those christmas light poles from home depot and a ladder I still cant reach to the top. The tree is also too close to the street for me to be able to just put spot lights on it. I would love to rent a bucket lift so I could decorate the tree but Im only 16 and I cant afford it. Are there any (relatively low budget) ways that I can light up the tree? Im really just looking for any idea you guys can think of.


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My hubby said to try this: attach a weight to a small, thin but sturdy rope (duct tape to a baseball or something) toss the line over the tree, keeping as close to the top as possible. when the line is over to the other side-(you need enough rope to go from the bottom, up to the top, and back to the bottom on the opposite side). attach a strand of lights and pull it to the top. Do this multiple times until the tree looks how you want it.  Good Luck !

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I have been looking at the picture and the shadows.  It looks to me like the tree is about the same height as the house, and I am guessing the house is about 30' high.  If that is the case, a 16' step ladder and an extension pole should do the trick.  You could probably rent the ladder.  Double check the height.


If you have access to a car/truck with a trailer hitch receiver, you could look into a MonkeyRack.


If you can get some help on the finances and rent the cherry picker, attach a set of pulleys & ropes to the top of the tree.  You won't need to re-rent the cherry picker every year.

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