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Displaying New Nativity Blow Mold Set

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So, a little bit of back story, back when I was a kid (probably 10 years ago or so) my Dad was a huge blow mold collector.  We didn't have a lot, maybe about 10-15 or so that we would put out in the yard each Christmas.  What he had done was at the bottom of each blow mold, he had cut a 1x2 piece of wood and glued it, then basically took 2x4 and staked the blow molds into the ground.  Now onto my question....


For two years now I have been thinking about adding a Nativity Scene (of some sort) to my outdoor display.  This past weekend, I took a drive up to Bronners in Frankenmuth (the world's largest Christmas store).  Spent over $750 and bought a life-size Nativity - Holy Family is 42" in Height, wisemen are 42-61" Height, etc.  


Anyway, I am looking at building a 2 foot tall wooden platform to set my Nativity scene on, with space underneath to run wires and store stuff.  I am wondering what I can do to secure my blow molds to this platform, without ruining the blow molds.  I have read reports of nativity pieces being stolen (my friend had their Nativity stolen three different times).  I'm also going to build a manger set on top of the platform for the Holy Family, along with multiple security cameras all over the front yard.  I'm just wondering what the blow mold "experts" can recommend for security protection.


Thanks for the help, as always!



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