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Anyone Got Any Pics Of A Scintillo With Reflectors?

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I just got a red scintillo ornament and it has the reflectors with the colored light bulbs

on each side of it and the reflectors are turning yellow. I was wanting to find out

if the reflectors were painted silver or if they were chrome plated. I want to redo them

the correct way.

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They were gold anodized originally. That process requires special equipment, and doesn't last in the weather. I've had the best success with gold spray paint. I used tru-test brand, sold at true value hardware stores, and it looks very close to the original.   Be careful with those reflectors. they are very fragile, and will crack if you overtighten the screws.

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The ones with the reflector must be the oldest ones I only have a couple of those the other ones I have

use a cone shape transparent thick plastic with a design on it with the bulb in side the ornament some are green and some are yellow and the newest ones the transparent design is flat. I sent gp designs a email and they no longer make

them and dont have any parts for them.

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There were 4 evolutions of the center. The original is the version with anodized lighted center ran 1966-1971

The next version, with the molded cone shaped blue and green center ran 1972-1978

The third version was similar, but the center was less cone shaped, and more concave, and made of a smooth plastic ran 1979-1990

and the last version was the flat disk, which ran around 1991-2010.

The original Co. went out of business in 1995, and the assets were purchased by an employee, who renamed it GP designs.

The display co. I work for was the area rep, in the Chicago area for them, from 1963-1970, and again from 1978-1986

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The first year only (1966) they were silver anodized, but they found out it faded and peeled almost immediately when exposed to the weather. In 1967, they switched to a gold anodizing which held up a little better, but still faded and peeled over time.   The gold anodize had a very faint gold hue.  From a distance, it didn't look that much different from the silver.


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