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Topic About Seasonal Changes

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Need a good thread about the changing seasons and how each ties into the countdown to Christmas.

Saw nothing anywhere on the subject, so here goes.


Like many here, I suspect it's hard to stay tuned into Christmas through the hot months of July and August, but let that first hint of cooler temps come on the scene, and that great light that is the Yule season begins to shine a bit brighter at the end of the tunnel.

September is the unofficial/official start of my fall season, and that is the start of all good things to me.

Living on the Snake river plain in E Idaho, we begin to see the first of our fall storms, and cooler temps arrive as if by stopwatch. Always seems to come that first week of September.

All other good things begin to start then too.

Fall hunting seasons begin in earnest, fishing on the Snake river begins to pick up with the cooler temps. A fast trip up the Snake in the jet boat under a canopy of gold to the deepest blackwater holes that might give up an arm length trout or two if one's timing is right, and always lesser trout of three or four pounds before the edges of the river ice.

 The baseball pennant races heat up leading to the play-offs. Regular season NFL, and the best of the years holidays lie just ahead. Our gardens are harvested and enjoyed, as well as the simple joy of finding a field full of potatoes to be gleaned. Sometimes a hundred pounds or more for ourselves and the kids families, and friends as well.

The leaf change into golds, reds, and oranges, the carpets of same racing across the lawns, and down the lane as autumn storms push them ahead.

Of course the woody aroma of neighborhood fireplaces seems to underline, and tie it all together.

I enjoy the first of the seasons snowfalls, and sometimes those can be the 3rd or 4th week of September here! Sometimes they come as blizzards, leaving the ground covered inches deep.

Living only a hundred yards from the Snake river, and always sleeping with an open window above our heads, we often begin to hear the passing of great flights of wild Swans by the late weeks of October, and those often mixed with the earliest migrations of Snow geese, and having the Whitefronted geese in train. I never tire of having my sleep troubled by those.

These are only the earliest signs of changing seasons where I live.

What are yours?

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We've always been big on decorating for the Holidays, but we also decorate for the seasonal changes as well, as do many.

Of course, my favorite time is Autumn thru Christmas, so much so, that Autumn is really just the start of the countdown until Christmas, and that has become the way we can 'sorta' extend our celebration!

We start our countdown the 1st of September. That is when the fall decorations come out, and the house transforms from the ho-hum Summer doldrums to the rich browns, orange, and golds of traditional fall colors.


The wife isn't big on decorating with Turkeys fo Thanksgiving, but give her Pheasants, Geese, or other wildfowl, and she knows just what to do.



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Did I mention food?


Well, I'll have more to say on that subject in the Christmas cooking/baking threads, but there are certain things that just go with autumn when it comes to cooking.


For instance.......in my house we have wildfowl that begin to show up on the menue starting in October.

Wild duck, and wild Geese. Canadian geese to be precise. I can make 'em taste like roast beef! No wild game after taste that have traditionally turned off so many to waterfowl, simply because they never learned how easy it is to do it right.

Ever had pheasant and dumplings? We did just a few weeks ago. The last two birds saved from last season.

Thank goodness for vacumm sealers!

Just two days ago I went out on the opening day of duck season, and although our group only took one goose that morning, we were hunting on a winter wheat field, and bordering that field was a small river.

We had parked our trucks next to the river in the dark before the hunt, but when the hunt was over it was daylight, and when we returned to the trucks, I took a peek in the water. There in the clear water were schools of trout. Fish ranging in size from ten to perhaps fifteen inches that I could see, and in the deeper pools there must be many more, and larger too.

I have obtained permission to go on this farmers property for the hunt, and it goes without saying that I can fish as well.

Now, how does a mess of cutthroat trout dipped in egg, rolled in corn meal, and dropped in a pan of hot olive oil sound?

Maybe next to a pile of scrambled eggs, home fried potatoes, and maybe a hotcake with 'real' maple syrup?

Sounds like just the thing to add to my Autumn menue this year!

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The first skiff of snow fell in the yard yesterday, and was followed by a light dusting on top of that last night.

Now I don't like to see it on the roads, but on the rooftops, in the yard, in the surrounding farmlands, and on the nearby mountains.....I'm ready!

Our big Maple in the front yard was in full color just a week ago


Just one short week, and one cold fall storm later, it has been stripped bare.


Last week's Jack-O-lanterns are still looking fairly sharp, but fading fast as well.


These things are all part of the traditional Autumn ritual, the things we look so forward to on the road to Christmas!

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i wish i still had my old house and display i had to sell both due to some finances trouble but I am on the rebound now I was going to rebuild my whole display with RGB and pixcels this year but started too late so I will just be using some used incan I got for free. 

I use to have blow mold plywood and coro cut outs wire fraem the whole ball of wax all control by lor but that is all sold now.

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For me the countdown goes like this:

I work nights in the summer up until Sept 15, come Sept 16 I am on day shift and I finally get to see my wife for more than just a few minutes in the morning. I work my ass off all summer so the slightest hint of cooler weather means easier days and more family time are ahead. Harvesting our garden - especially tomatoes - and starting to see some green come back in the lawn. Rain barrels are usually next to dry and desperately need a downpour. Cram in some barbecues on the back deck before it gets too cold. Catch up with friends I've neglected all summer. October is chanterelle mushroom season, taking the family to the local pumpkin patch, and getting a modest Halloween display out. Oh and 2 or 3 Thanksgiving dinners (I'm in Canada). Nov 1 I can tear it all down and start putting up Christmas lights. Our maple out front usually loses it's last leaf in early Nov then I start wrapping the trunk. I take 2-3 weeks holiday in November to prep my display, and wait for the dry days to go up on the roof.

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