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Now That Is A Place For A Christmas Star

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I guess your buddy has a pair of bronze Christmas ornaments.................


How often would someone need to climb that???


He said oh its not that bad only 2 to 3 times a week as needed

All I know the ambulance bill or depends bill would be in a race


Yea I wasn't bad with it until they move to the outside pheeeewy

crazy made me nervous just sitting and seeing... 

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1768' in about 10.5 second.  It is not high enough to need to calculate terminal velocity.


How long does it take to climb up one?


By the way Dennis, your friend is certifiable.


Yep he is certifiable ----- :huh: dam wonder what that says about me


10.5 sec ummm wonder how many screams that is

one long one


a bunch of short bursts


Really one of those questions I do not want to have first hand knowledge off   :blink:

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Did anyone notice them wearing helmets?  Whats the point at that height?



No wait you have the eureka moment......


Here you are climbing along just about to the top

whooo slip, slip, grab, grab the unthinkable happens

you find yourself falling through the air headed towards terminal velocity

you have over 10 second's so the first few are used up by a scream

then wham o it hits you

You have your high tech helmet with Kevlar materials, heck this baby will stop a bullet

so hitting the ground will not be a pro------------------


Moral to the story is that the fall is the easy part the hard part to get over is the sudden stop


Those guys have to have nerves of steel mine are more like jelly :huh:    

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