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Newbie- How To Motorize A Plywood Ferris Wheel

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Hi everybody! I am doing my very first build for a parish (county) fair locally. I am making a 4ft octogon wheel out of 5/8" plywood. The plan is to do cut aways so that the spokes and rim are all one piece. I will use wooden dowels to put the cars on. I am guessing it should not weight more than 35-50lbs when done. My question is, how do I make it move? I need the cheapest solution possible because I am doing this for a club with about a $50 budget. :-(. I know nothing about motors and gears. I really need the solution to be something that I can easily find (like a power wheels motor maybe?). This wheel will not have lights as I don't have access to a slip ring. Oh, and I have 1 week to get it done. Lol. No pressure right? Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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Wow on the time factor....ouch

If it is only for one event find a moving deer motor and just repurpose it  

all the wiring should be there all you would need to do is figure out the movement and would save you time

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