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This Weekend's Version Of Let's Make A Deal

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I have been busy clearing out a bunch of Christmas light stuff that I either never used or don't use anymore.  I am down to some of the last items that I have.  Last weekend, I had several items that I didn't know what to ask price-wise so I tried a different approach... I would like to repeat that approach here for these items that haven't sold...


1.  90W halogen PAR38 flood lights USED BUT WORKING.  There are seven (7) green, six (6) red, and twelve (12) white.  There are also two (2) greens that are NEW IN BOX.  Some of the used green bulbs might need touch up with a sharpie marker, but all are working...


2.  120 LED non-dimmable PAR38 LED flood lights.  These draw 7W and are amazingly bright.  Only down-side is that they cannot be dimmed.  I posted pictures of them in a previous post and the link is below.  There are ten (10) green and ten (10) red.  I had warm white units but they are all gone.  Long story short is that these were purchased from one of our "preferred" vendors promising that they would be dimmable and they quite simply weren't.  "Preferred" vendor proceeded to lead me around this path and that path insisting that I was doing something wrong (um, ya) and then after assuring me that he would not leave me unsatisfied, proceeded to stop answering emails and phone calls.  I still get the shakes when I think about basically flushing $1200 down the toilet.  Luckily, my wife still talks to me... :P



So... price?  If this is something that you MUST have, then offer me something... if I get 10 people that say "FREEEE" and nobody offers me a penny, one of those 10 people will get these for free... however, if someone offers me $10 each (don't worry, I'm not holding my breath!!) and 10 people offer me zero, obviously I am going to take the $10.  Obviously, either way, you are paying the shipping.


Thanks for looking,



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