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Feeling Stupid...can't Remember How To Do This Help!

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Perhaps what the OP was trying to do was add to the 48 channel sequence to make it a 64 channel and not just import the channel configuration.  If what you are trying to do is simply add channels to the old sequence, just open the sequence and add the new channels.


If you already configured your 64 channels and want to copy your old sequence into it, open both sequences, then copy and past each line from the old sequence to the new one.  Do this by selecting the very first cell in the line you want to copy, hold down the "shift" key then press "end".  This will select the entire line.  Next you can "right click" your mouse and choose copy or press "Cntrl C".  Now go to the line in your new sequence where you want to paste what you just copied.  "Right click" and select "Paste" or press "Cntrl V", and it will copied to the new location.  Do this for each line of the sequence you wish to copy.  You can also copy multiple lines at one time.


Hope this helps.



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