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Incan Mini Lights For Sale

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I have about  2400 clear used minis for sale-all are G.E. Pro-Line commercial sets with 20 gauge wiring and 5 amp fuses,excellent condition,no repairs or splices- about 800 of them are the "random sparkle"sets,which have a true random twinkling effect.New these are aprox. $10-15 per set. Make an offer.


I also have 27 sets of brand new,still in packaging GKI/Bethlehem lighting clear and 7 sets green commercial "heavy duty" sets of 100 bulbs each,again 20 gauge wiring,5 amp fused,twice as bright as standard minis- $12/strand or $9 per string if you buy all of either color{retail for over $20/string} " GKI item #259600" see here  http://www.christmas-treasures.com/Lights/MiniatureChristmasLightsHeavyDuty/GKI-Bethlehem-Heavy-Duty-Clear-Mini-Christmas-Lights-259600.htm           to see what they are.I also have over 600 brand new "spare bulbs" for these still in unopened original packaging.

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Well, the 2400 used GE minis were all sold at the yard sale today.....the brand new GKi/Bethlehem lighting sets mentioned in my 1st post of this thread are still available.  


On a different note,I had a brand new box of vintage KODAK branded C-9 old fashioned multi-colored stringer set that I put out in the yard sale today,and a 9-11 year old little girl picked them up and was fascinated at the size of those bulbs,had never seen christmas lights like that before- I let her have them for $2,as the twinkle in her eyes was priceless! Maybe a future light enthusiast in the making???? Felt good to make her day!

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